You cannot change what has happened, you can only learn from it

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You cannot change what has happened, you can only learn from it
Every new day is another chance to change something in your life, every new day is a chance to feel blessed for what you have
I will love you forever until the end of time! No matter what you do! Cause you are my forever! And nothing you do will make my stop loving you
I will love you forever. No matter what happens I’ll be there. Distance couldn’t take us apart – it will make us closer. B’Coz true love waits & never surrenders
Sanctus Espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour Sanctus Espiritus, insanity is all around us Sanctus Espiritus, is this what we deserve, can we break free from chains of never-ending agony?
You are one of those beautiful things that happened to my life and made my life worthwhile
Don’t love too much, don’t care too much, don’t trust too much; because that too much can hurt you too much
Thank you for coming into my life. For letting me feel this love that I have for you. Because not everybody is as lucky as I am… To be loved by you!
I wont deny that I like you. Neither would I admit
True love is when she talks non- stop and you are still interested in listening to her
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