Wants to borrow your face for Halloween

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Wants to borrow your face for Halloween
There are a lot of faces on here I’d like to borrow for my Halloween costume
Be nice to your neighbors. They’re the only ones who’ll know the difference between your good screams and your bad screams. Happy Halloween!
Will be a 6 for Halloween. Who wants to be my 9?
The Good: you finally put together your Pamela Anderson costume. The Bad: your husband stole it. And the Ugly: It looks better on him.
That awkward moment when you realize you look waaay better in your zombie slut costume than in your «sexy» Friday night outfit.
When I was kid, werewolves and vampires were scary. Now everyone wants to date them
If the trick or treaters really want to scare me this year, then they should all dress up as Visa statements
Its close enough to Halloween to decorate with minimal effort. Just throw a dead body in the middle of your yard
Never ever change your ringtone to an eerie or scary one around halloween because some idiot might call you in the middle of the night while you’re in a deep sleep. shit stains are difficult to get out of sheets.
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